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grilled cheese :: yes please

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ooey who?

We are grilled cheese fanatics.

At ooey gooey crispy, we source super high-quality cheeses made both abroad and here in the States, then pair them them with bread, butters and toppings made both by our neighbors and in-house. These marriages make for the ultimate comfort food!

We are dedicated to being a part of our community. Our local partners include area favorites Lyon Bakery, Gordy's Pickle Jar, Harvey's Market, Eat This, The Fancy Schmancy Co, and many more. We also think it's important to give back, so we donate approximately 5% of yearly profits to local and national hunger- and child-related charitable organizations.

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making grilled cheese on your own? here are some of our best tips to make you a grilled cheese expert in minutes:

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that's butter

Butter the bread, not the pan. Slathering butter all the way to the corners of the bread ensures that the sandwich will grill evenly and get crispy all over. Or, in lieu of butter, try mayonnaise! Some swear by it. For a healthier alternative, olive oil could also work (as long as your pan temp isn't too high). Regardless of your choice – spread it on the bread, not the pan.

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Don't cut the cheese! Rather than slicing, try shredding the cheese. Shredded cheese will melt at a faster speed, so the outside AND the inside will cook at the same rate. Use 3-4 oz per sandwich and you're golden. Toasty & browned on the outside + melty & gooey on the inside = grilled cheese perfection.

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give it a rest

Letting the grilled cheese rest for a minute before cutting into it allows the cheese to come back together slightly, and keeps it from oozing all over the place. So when your cheese is ooey gooey and your bread is perfectly crispy, take it out of the pan and let it sit for about 30 seconds before cutting or eating. Your patience will be rewarded!

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